Evangelism Ministries

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Exaltation Ministry Descriptions

Greeters Ministry

This ministry greets members and visitors for Sunday worship services with a spirit of love and welcome.

Hospitality Ministry

Help setup, prepare and cleanup special events such as memorial services, Kids Christmas reception and other church events at GBC.

Media Ministry

Through Radio, Tapes, CD's, and DVD's this ministry seeks to spread the gospel to the world. We strive for excellence in every recording, each and every week. Click here for more information

Music Ministry

The Music ministry is dedicated to lifting Christ through songs of praise and worship and enhancing the worship service of GBC.

Ushers Ministry

The ushers help facilitate with a spirit of humility and love a smooth worship experience by helping people feel welcome and cared for by giving them programs and helping them find seats. This allows the people's concentration to be upon what God is doing. They also assist in the collection of tithes and offers and also for the dissemination of worship materials and study guides.