Media Ministry

Sights and Sounds of Worship.

Media Ministry

Through Radio, Tapes, CD's, and DVD's this ministry seeks to spread the gospel to the world. We strive for excellence in every recording, each and every week.

Everyone is dedicated to working together with the spirit of excellence from loading and setting up the sound and video equipment, to the actual recording and dubbing of services. We know that the ultimate goal is to reach souls for Christ. Orders are available for pick up or mailing at least one week after the order has been received.

Audio/Video Ministry Members

Erika Blackmon - Audio Ministry Leader
Charles Johnson - Video Ministry Leader
Dorothy Dickinson - Videographer
Irma Brown - Order Technician
Lois Outlaw - Order Technician
Sean Young - Multi-Media Specialist


Sound Technician

The sound tech. endeavors to become an expert at operating the sound system/mixer board. He/she works closely with the Worship Leader to do sound checks and any special A/V needs. Generally the sound tech arrives early to coordinate the sound system set-up and stays late to facilitate the breakdown. He/she must know the meeting schedule, noting when special sound needs occur. He/she also plays background music before and after each service.

Multi-Media Specialist

Work with the staff to produce worship enhancing media productions. Develop ideas, working with the Worship leader, drama team, video specialists and pastor.